Venice is a romantic city. Well, it depends on what time of the year you visit Venice. For us, in July, the weather is hot, the day is long and there are so many people. I came to Venice in December with my son during winter, it was so different. At that time the day was short. By 4pm it was dark, this time by 10 pm, I can still see the sun. We drove to Venice from the hotel we stayed in Dolo, 20 km from Mestre, mainland partner city to Venice. They we drove on the cause way (maybe partly bridge too) to Venice and park the car at the northern tip of Venice. Parking was very expensive but since we wanted to save time we paid 15 Euro for the 4 hours we stayed on the "islands" there. Venice is amazing because there are no cars. You have to walk km after km to reach where you want to go. We had our breakfast there and walked as far as we can, finally to Plaza San Marco and the Rialto Bridge. It is quite easy to be lost on Venice if you do not have a map. Streets are narrow and looks the same everywhere.

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