The island of Noirmoutier is about 70km from nantes, located south west of Nantes. About an hour by car. The island is accesible by a bridge or road on the sea. Because the sea surrounding the island is very shallow, during low-tide, the road can be used to go in and out of the island. While during hidh-tide, the 3 km road will be submerged totally. So, to use the road we must follow a certain timetable which is indicated on both sides. So, on the 5th August, we went to the island but was not able to try the submerged road because the time was not right. We went to both sides of the route and observed the tide rising and we also explored the main town in the island - Noirmoutier-en-l'ille. On the way home before dark, we stopped at another special place- a tourist destination called Pornic. We did our Maghrib and Isha prayer there on top of a hill where there was a secluded place in the car park overlooking the town.

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