After Monaco, we have another 600 km to travel to Venice. The route was very mountaineous. This is the journey of my life through many many tunnels. I lost track of how many tunnels we passed and how many valleys we traversed. The amazing thing about the highway thet we took was that it is always levelled as bridges were build upon valleys and tunnels were dug into mountains. So we kept alternating between tunnels and bridges for more than a hundred kms, just after we crossed France into Italy. The border city between the two countries is called Menton (sounds like in China). We then passed near Genova, Verona and Padova before arriving in Dolo town where we stayed for the night. Dolo is 20 km from Venice. The reason for staying a bit far is because hotel rate is cheaper outside Venice. Actually Venice is on the sea. Its sister city on the mainland is called Mestre. Most people who travel by bus or train will arrive and sleep in Mestre which is as expensive as Venice. From there they will take public transport to Venice. For us, since we have a car, I drove to Venice and park at a ludicrously expensive car park and walk in Venice.

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