Monaco is just less than an hour drive from Nice. It is a small principality - a tiny sovereign city-state. It is completely enclosed by France. Monaco is a tax haven, and many of its residents are the wealthy and foreigners. Monaco is ruled by Prince Albert II. Despite being independent, Monaco’s defense is the responsibility of France. Monaco is the world’s most densely populated sovereign country, and the world's smallest French-speaking country.

Since there is no official checkpoint between countries, we feel like Monaco is just part of France, mo so when the money is also Euro. However, the difference is that the city state has got so many people, more foreign than local. One attraction is the Formula 1 route (Formula 1 Monaco is conducted within the city like in Singapore). Others are the port where ships anchor and the swimming pool area by the sea. We stayed in Monaco for less than 3 hours and headed for Venice after that.

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