From Bilabo we arrived in Madrid just before noon, after traveling for about 400 km from Bilbao. We went to the city centre, find an underground parking and spend almost 2 hours at various places. However, all the photos taken by the Pentax camera were accidentally erased. Luckily we have these photographs from the handphone. And dont worry, there are many pictures also on the internet about Madrid. I admit, there are a few that I include here. Sorry folks, it happened sometimes.

madrid000_small.jpg madrid001_small.jpg madrid002_small.jpg madrid003_small.jpg
madrid004_small.jpg madrid005_small.jpg madrid006_small.jpg madrid007_small.jpg
madrid008_small.jpg madrid009_small.jpg madrid010_small.jpg madrid_small.jpg
madrid3_small.jpg madrid_2_small.jpg

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