At first I thought Bellagion to Zurich will not take that much time since on the map it is not very far. However when we were on the road, I realized that it takes a long time because we were climbing the Alps mountain. The border between Italy and Swiss via Bergama and Lecco was at the highest point in the Alps. We passed through winding roads and tunnels and lakes. At the border (Splugen Pass) there were two checkpoints - the Italian and the Swiss, about 1 km apart, not seeable among each other. I was let through easily at the Italian side but the Swiss side made me spent half an hour waiting. Seems like they were a bit puzzle why I do not show them my malaysian passport while my wife gave it ( I use my 1 year TR card) . They speak german and little English, so I waited in the car praying that things will be fine. It was.

I was not able to get as many photos, so I decided to include some photos at Panoramia, just to give a better idea of the journey.

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