We took the main tolled highway from Barcelona heading for Andorra by noon of 29 July. Andorra is at a very high altitude since it sits in the high valley between two mountains in the Pyrennees range. Its two neighbours are France in the East and Spain in the west. However because it is more easily accessible from the Spanish side, it recieved more Spanish influece. Spanish is used in the small country. Andorra is now part of the EU and thus Euro is used. This tiny coutry boast itself as a tourist destination, for duty free goods and ski resorts aplenty. One very obvious difference felt by road travellers like us that the price of Petrol is super cheap here compared to France and Spain that we have so far travelled. It cost about Euro1.42 in France, Euro1.28 in Spain and just Euro1.16 in Andorra. Those price are just estimates as petrol prices in Europe are not determined by the government like in Malaysia. We spent about 2 hours in Andorra and headed for Nice later.

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