Curriculum Vitae


(ABD is pronounced ABDUL)

Associate Professor
Department of Systems and Networking
College of Computer Science and IT (CCSIT)
Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN)

43000 Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia




Residential Address:           No 3, Jalan 4/5E, Bandar Baru Bangi,
                                      43650 Selangor, Malaysia.

Telephone No:                   Home: +603-89209293, Mobile: +6019-3556164.

Emails :                  ,

Date of Birth:                    19 April 1962.

Nationality:                       Malaysian.

Marital Status:                   Married with 4 Children.

Spouse:                            Azian MUHAMAD ARIFF

(B.Sc. Mathematics, Masters of Management)




I worked from 1985 to 1995 in the Malaysian Polytechnic system as a Technical lecturer, after which I joined the industry at the Measat Broadcast Network Systems (MBNS), the satellite TV provider for almost 2 years from 1996 to 1997. Since 1997, I have been with Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) as Senior Lecturer, Head of Department, Deputy Dean and Associate Professor at the College of IT (now College of Computer Science and IT) as well as Manager at the Research Management Centre (RMC) and Head of Energy and Environment at the Institute of Energy Policy and Research (IEPRe). While in UNITEN, I have pursued my PhD and for a time, been seconded to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI). 

I obtained my B.Sc from University of Queensland in Australia, M.Sc from Loughborough University, UK and PhD from a joint program between Malaysia and France. I have taught a range of subjects such as C programming, Parallel Computing, Mobile Application Development, Digital Logic Design, Computer Organisation, Operating Systems, Logic Systems and Process Control, Applied Statistics and Discrete Structures for the undergraduate programmes and Intelligent Systems, Project Management, Computer Networks and Research Methodology for the postgraduate programmes. 

I have been active with IEEE Malaysia as executive committee member and IEEE Computer Society Malaysia as executive committee member and at a time the Chair. I have also held the task of the secretariat of Malaysian National Grid Computing Initiative (NGCI) until present.




I aspire to achieve the following objectives:


  • To share past academic, industrial and management experience and contribute to the best of my ability in academic teaching in particular and research in general.
  • To share existing contacts and network for the benefit of the organization.




  • Artificial Intelligence (AI), Pattern Recognition and Machines Learning: General AI, applications of AI various fields,  Handwriting Recognition (online and offline), Image recognition, and methods such as Support Vector Machine (SVM) and Neural networks.
  • Computer Systems and Network: Operating System, Data Communication, Parallel Programming. Distributed Systems, Grid and Cloud Computing.
  • Energy and Electricity: Non-Technical loss in power distribution, Consumer fraud prediction, environment and Green House Gas emission, inventory, mitigation and adaptation.




July 2001 – Dec. 2008         Ecole Polytechnique de l’Universite de Nantes, France.

Doctorat, Automatique et Informatique Applique

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)

PhD in Electrical Engineering

Oct 1993 – Sept 1994         Loughborough University of Technology, UK.

Masters in IT (Communications)

Jan 1984 – Nov 1984          Penang Teacher’s Training College

Post Graduate Certificate in Education.

Feb 1981 – Nov 1983          University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

                                      B.Sc (Computer Science)

Feb 1980 – Nov 1980          Kelvin Grove High School, Brisbane, Australia

High School Certificate (Matriculation)





Nov 2015 – Present

Associate Professor, College of Computer Science and IT, Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN)

May 2014 – Oct 2015

Head of Energy and Environment, Institute of Energy Policy and Research (IEPRe), Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN)

Jan 2013 – June 2013

Under Secretary, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) Malaysia. 

Jan 2009 -  Dec 2012

Deputy Dean, Student Affairs and External Relations, College of Information Technology, Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN)

Jun 1997 -  May 2001

Senior Lecturer and Head of Dept. for Computer Science and IT, Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN)

Jan 1996 – May 1997

Senior Automation Engineer, Measat Broadcast Network System (MBNS) (ASTRO Satellite TV Provider)

July 1995 – Jan 1996

Assistant Director, Technical and Vocational Education Division (TAVED), Ministry of Education Malaysia

Jan 1992 – June 1995

Technical Lecturer, Politeknik Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah (POLIMAS), Kedah, Malaysia

Jan 1985 – Dec 1991

Technical Lecturer, Politeknik Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah (POLISAS),
Kuantan Malaysia





  • IEE (Malaysia Section), member since 2000 (Member No: 41278543)
  • IEE (Malaysia Section), Executive Committee member (2016) 
  • IEEE Computer Society (Malaysia Chapter), Committee Member (Jan 2012- Dec 2012)
  • IEEE Computer Society (Malaysia Chapter), Chair (Jan 2013 – Dec 2013)
  • Association for Computing Machinery, member, year 2000 (Member No: UK17428)






  1. Anisah Hanim binti Nizar, 2002, Mobile Agent System.
  2. Dev. Anandan, 2006, Performance of Protection & Control Equipment in Transmission Grid Network.
  3. Fariq Izwan bin Ismail, 2009, Fraud Prediction in Electricity power consumption using Naïve Bayes Method.
  4. Osama El Enizi, 2010, Data Mining Method for Analyzing Student Performance.
  5. Nur Shakirah Md. Salleh, 2011, Specification and Testing of Distributed Support Vector Machine Algorithm.
  6. Babatunde Stephens, 2011, Network Intrusion Detection System for DoS Attack Types Using Support Vector Machines (SVM).
  7. Sara Sadat Khoshnevis, 2011, Online Character Recognition of Malay Check words using Support Vector Machine.
  8. Nadhirah Azizi, 2011, Knowledge-based System for Gripper Control Selection.




Internal Examiner:

  1. Lucyantie Mazalan, 2009, Development of Sign Language to Voice Conversion Algorithm.
  2. Rina Azlin Razali, 2009, An Investigation Of Parallel Genetic Algorithm For Solving Shortest Path Routing Problem.
  3. Alateyah Sulaiman Abdullah, 2009, Developing an Application of Library Monitoring Management System.
  4. Hothefa Shaker Jassem, 2009, Implementation of Trust Mechanism in AODV Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad-hoc Network.
  5. Jawad Nagi, 2009, An Intelligent System for Detection of Non-Technical Losses in the Low Voltage TNB Distribution Network.
  6. Medyan Mohammed Saeed Neama, 2010, A Prototype of Traceability Management System.
  7. Anas Ayad Abdulrazzaq, 2010, Agent-Based Monitoring of Virtual Machine.
  8. Moamin A. Mahmoud, 2010, A Collaborative Framework for Multi-Agent Systems.
  9. Yousra Abdulaziz Mohammed, 2010, Automatic Infant’s Cry Classification System - Comparison between HMM and ANN Classification Techniques.
  10. Mohammed Ibrahim Khalaf, 2012, Flood Detection and Notification via SMS and Public Network.
  11. Nur Hanani Azami, 2012, A Comparative Study Of Image Quality Assessment Algorithms For Image Contrast Enhancement.
  12. Ahmed Mohammed Hussein, 2012, Traffic Light Management Using Adaptive Algorithm Based on Petri Net Simulation.
  13. Huthiafa Q. Qadori, 2012, A Framework of Fleet Transport Services Optimization Using RFID Technology.
  14. Abdulrazaq Nathim Abdulrazaq, 2012, A Framework for Trustable Software Agents.
  15. Khudhair Abbas Mohammed, 2012, A Nodal Approach to Modeling Collaborative Agents.
  16. Alnoman Anees Abdulkhudur, 2012, Hybrid Wireless Sensor network Efficient Surveillance System.
  17. Anas M. Mzahm, 2012, Towards the Internet of Things: Integration of RFID and Internet using TCP/IP Protocol Stack.
  18. Marwah Saadoon Qasim Jabr, 2012, A Network Infrastructure Framework for Small and Medium Size Enterprises Using Open Source Tools.
  19. Isam Azawi Mohialdeen, 2012, Comparative Study of Scheduling Algorithms under Cloud Computing Environment.
  20. Ayhaab M. Abdulha, 2013, A Framework to Integrate Semantic Web Technologies into Content.
  21. Loo Yim Ling, 2013, Analysis of Global and Local Online Signature Features Belonging to Genuine and Forged Signature Samples.
  22. Alaa Shawqi Jaber, 2013, Proposing Grid Computing Framework for the Community of Researchers in Iraq
  23. Bilal Munir Mughal (external-UTP, 2012), A Simulation Based Analysis of Single Hop Periodic Safety Beacon Vehicle to vehicle Communication of VANET





  1. Asmidar Bte. Abu Bakar (2012), A Secure Access Control Architecture for Mobile Ad-Hoc network.
  2. Majdi Bsaiso (2013), Arabic language Framework for Semantic Web.
  3. Jameela Ali (2015), Anemia Infected Blood Cell Recognition Using SVM.



  1. Mohammed Mahdi (submitted), Multi-Agent System Learning In Cloud Environment.
  2. Chandrika Mohd Jayothisa, Gross Pollutant Trap (GPT) Knowledge Domain.
  3. Ahmad Amini, Thread Modeling Approach for Securing Cloud Computing.
  4. Khairol Amin Mohd Salleh, Secure Architecture of Alternative Stack to Avoid stack Overflow Vulnerability.
  5. Gulnara Bektemyssova, Reliability and Performance model for GRID computing
  6. Alla Kesava Rao, ICT Strategic Framework for Green Campus.
  7. Salleh Al-Atiewi, Framework for Energy Efficiency in Cloud Computing.




Internal Examiner:

  1. Bahram Mir Sadeghi (UNITEN - Internal, 2012), Development of a Conceptualized Project Investment Vulnerability Model Using Human Judgement.
  2. Yunus Yusof, (UNITEN - Internal, 2014) Using Hadith methodology in Forensic Investigation
  3. Salama Mostaffa, (UNITEN - Internal, 2016) Formulating Dynamic Adjustable Autonomy For Multi-agent Systems: An Adjustable Autonomous Drone


External Examiner:

  • Dewi Nasien (UTM, JB - External, 2011), Feature Extraction and Classification Algorithm for Chain Code Representation of Handwritten Character.
  • Abdul Khalique Shaikh, (Monash University, External, 2013), A proximity-aware semantic-based decentralized resource discovery framework for computational grids





  • Handwriting Recognition Using Hybrid of Support Vector Machine & Hidden Markov Model (UNITEN), 2001.
  • Electricity Fraud prediction (Power Engineering Centre, UNITEN/TNB Research/Sabah Electricity), 2006 -2007.
  • Online and Offline Malay Handwriting Collection (UNITEN), 2007.
  • Signature Verification and Biometrics System (EScience), 2007.
  • Using Support Vector Machine for Malay Cheque Word Recognition (UNITEN), 2008.
  • Specification and Testing of Distributed Support Vector Machine (UNITEN), 2009.
  • Expert System for Gripper Selection (EScience), 2009-2010.

Legal Management System (LMS), Yayasan Tenaga Nasional (YTN), 2011.

  • Green House Gas (GHG) Inventory for Energy and Industrial Process Sector for Natural Resources and  Environment (NRE) Ministry Third National Communication to UNFCC, 2014-2015





  • Silver medal, Fraud detection for Utility Companies, Malaysian Technology Expo, Kuala Lumpur, 2007.
  • Bourse for Research Study in University of Nantes by French Embassy of Malaysia, 2001-2002.
  • Bourse for PhD study in Joint-PhD program (University of Nantes and UTM) by French Embassy of Malaysia, 2003-2005.
  • Bourse for Research Collaboration (University of Nantes and UNITEN) by French Embassy of Malaysia, 2010.





  • Interview Panel for recruitment of Expatriate Lecturers, in Sri Lanka, Pakistan and India, 2000.
  • Marketing Road Tour to Malaysian Schools, for Marketing Dept, UNITEN, (since 2001).
  • System Development and Procurement for Research Management Centre (2007 - 2009).
  • Collaboration visits to 14 universities in China, Korea and Japan, 2009.
  • Deputy President of UNITEN Staff Assosiation (Persatuan Kakitangan UNITEN or PAKAT), (2007 - 2008).
  • President of UNITEN Staff Assosiation (Persatuan Kakitangan UNITEN or PAKAT), (2009 - 2011).
  • Member of UNITEN Industrial Linkage Committtee, Consultancy Centre, UNITEN, (2010 - Present).
  • Member of UNITEN Student Development Committtee, Student Affairs Centre, UNITEN, (2009 - Present).
  • Member of UNITEN Student Exchange Committtee, Strategic and Corporate Planning, UNITEN, (2010 - Present).
  • Chairman of UNITEN Salary Review Committee, Human Resources Department UNITEN (2012)
  • Member of Committee for Computing Syllabus STPM, for Malaysian Examination Council, (1991 - 1995).
  • Member of Syllabus Devt. Committee for Computing, Community College Division, MOHE, 2005.
  • Member of the Murabitun World Movement (1993 - present).
  • Contributor to forum from 2001 to 2005.
  • Panel for Evaluation of IGS grant Scheme, for Ministry of Science, technology and Innovation (MOSTI), (2004 - 2005).
  • Committee Member, IEEE Computer Society (Malaysia Section), 2011.
  • Member of Steering Committee of Ministry of Higher Education and Western Digital Collaboration Program, since 2010.
  • Secretary to National GRID Computing Secretariat Ministry of Science and Technology (MOSTI), since 2010.
  • Member of Asia Pacific University Community Engagement Network (APUCEN), 2011.
  • Member of Advisor Panel to the Faculty of Computer and Information Technology, Al-Madinah International University.
  • Organizer, pre-conference Tutorial for ICIMU1998.
  • External Examiner for Masters Student, University of Malaya, 2002.
  • Session Chair in ICICS-PCM 2003 Conference, Nanyang Technical Univ., Singapore, 2003.
  • Reviewer for M2USIC2006, Multimedia University.
  • Reviewer for IEEE Trans. on Neural Network, 2006.
  • Reviewer for IEEE Transaction in Neural Network, 2007.
  • Coordinator for Knowledge Sharing Talk, Session on Adempiere, 2006.
  • Reviewer for International Journal of Business and Management Review (IJBMR), (2008 - Present).
  • Session Chair in ICIMU2008 Conference, 2008.
  • Reviewer for DM0'09, UKM, Bangi.
  • Invited Speaker for 2nd USM-UHP Colloquium, USM Penang, 2009.
  • Speaker for Knowledge Sharing series on Intel Multicore Technology, 2009.
  • Reviewer CAMP'10, UiTM Shah Alam.
  • Reviewer for ITSIM2010, UTP, Tronoh, Perak.
  • Reviewer for Intelligent Environment. 2010, (IE'10)
  • Session Coordinator for Knowledge Sharing on French Collaboration opportunities, MFUC, French Embassy, USM, MFI and College of IT, UNITEN, 2010.
  • Reviewer for ICOS2011, IEEE Computer Society.
  • Program Committee for ICOS2011, IEEE Computer Society.
  • Reviewer for STAIR'11, UKM and IEEE Computer Society
  • Program Committee for STAIR'11, UKM and IEEE Computer Society
  • Co-Chair for STAKE2011, MIMOS.
  • Secretary for ICTTC2011, TNB.
  • Program Committee for NPC2011, UTP.
  • Reviewer for NPC2011, UTP.
  • Local Arrangement Co-Chair for PRICAI2012.
  • Reviewer for ICEDSA 2012
  • Program Committee for ICOS2012, IEEE Computer Society.
  • Reviewer for ICOS2012 IEEE Computer Society
  • Reviewer for CHUSER 2012
  • Reviewer for SCORED 2012
  • Program Committee for ICOS2013, IEEE Computer Society.
  • Track Chair for IC3E2014, Melbourne, Australia
  • Program Committee for ICOS2014, IEEE Computer Society.
  • Reviewer for ROBIONETICS 2015
  • Reviewer for ARiEET'15
  • Reviewer for APCETA'15
  • Reviewer for ADMMET'2015
  • Reviewer for ICACOMIT 2015
  • Reviewer for IMACSI 2015
  • Reviewer for ICIIOT 2015
  • Reviewer for ISySM'2015
  • Reviewer for PIAMSE'2015
  • Reviewer for GAMEPEC 2015
  • Reviewer for ICCEREC 2015
  • Reviewer for IEEE COMNETSAT 2015
  • Secretary for APAN20, August 2015, Kuala Lumpur.





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